Program Information

The PU.M.P.S. program works to build economic and social equality for women; allowing access to capital while creating strong entrepreneurial ecosystems as they start and grow their businesses. We empower women to live their dreams and take their talent to greater heights.

Supportive Services for WOMEN

  • Enhance women’s professional growth by providing information on coaching career paths, flexibility, and role models
  • Provide leadership development skills to help women propel in their professional and personal lives
  • Provide Entrepreneurial development with small businesses resources to create business plans, select the appropriate business type and register the business
  • Develop new and existing commercial talent
  • Foster the retention and promotion of women in technology

Supportive Services for Teenage Girls

The PUMPS program develops leadership, fosters social change and empowers middle and high school girls through powerful experiences. The program’s focus is to create barrier-free opportunities for college & career, self-esteem, financial literacy, personal achievement and social responsibility; teaching them to unleash their thinking and to be comfortable setting lofty but attainable goals that speak to their passions and strengths and can be realized through entrepreneurial ventures and not yet familiar careers.

PUMPS provides:

  • Self-image, Self-esteem building and Conflict Resolution skills
  • Life changing leadership development classes that explore careers, relationships and provide mentors from various disciplines.
  • Economic empowerment workshops that cover careers, finance, entrepreneurship and career planning from a financial and economic development prospective. How does your career impact your community?

PUMPS also transforms young women into caring community advocates as they learn to organize and help create positive change within their community.

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